Death To Life: Part One

Are you living?  Or are you just a ghost of what you could be?


It’s time to rise out of our graves and come to life.  Are you ready to breathe?  Are you ready to live life in all it’s fullness?


This fall I am proud to bring you a line of trans-media pieces titled DEATH TO LIFE.  This series of artwork includes shirts, framed art, buttons, and art toys.


The first release is the title shirt, “Death to Life“.  Hand-screened in Maryland and printed on a 100% ring-spun cotton, American Apparel shirt.


Here we see the stark transformation from being a social zombie, a drone of the media, a ghost held down by fear and failure, to being fully alive, thinking clear, and experiencing the world the way we were created to.


Your friends, your passions, your town, and your family need you to take the courageous leaps of faith necessary to turn dreams into reality.


Are you living now?


Leaping forward,

Adrian Black

Artist // Designer // Owner