Organized Chaos

I’m excited to bring you a new series of works called “Organized Chaos”. This art project is manifested in multiple formats from a hand painted canvas to wearable goods.

Organized Chaos

Bright colors and thick bubble letters help define this vibrant mix of pop art and street art. Painted with acrylic on canvas, this bold work exists in a category of it’s own. The title is derived from the juxtaposition of a seemingly chaotic and busy image and the systematic approach used in the coloring process.

Adrian Chaos

The “Organized Chaos” poster is an 11 x 17 print that has be digitally extended from the original painting. Each poster is signed and numbered. Adding a frame this bad boy will instantly brighten up your room.


I’m also proud to announce the first Sotare belt!

Chaos Full Belt Cropped

These 44 inch canvas belts have a metal buckle with the design set into the buckle and coated with a waterproof resin design. The end of the belt is screen printed with the Sotare logo.

Sotare Belt Model 1

Lastly, we have also introduced the first Sotare key chain. This soft keychain is made out of flexible pvc material. Now you can carry around Bouncer wherever you go!

Organized Chaos Keychain

Join the chaos!

-Adrian Black