Preparing for Fenton Street Market

Wow! So these past few weeks I have been working almost non-stop getting things ready for Fenton Street Market.

Painting, printing, assembling, getting products in, figuring out how to make new pieces… it’s been so much work. It‘s been fun, but it‘s been a lot. My apartment had temporarily turned into a full on studio.

Photo Shoot

My kitchen was used for painting and resin casting.

Kitchen Painting

The living room used to dry paintings, de-tag/fold/package shirts, assemble button packs, package wristbands, put together and label boxes, and load up tubs.

Living Room Packaging

My office was overflowing with paper toys, paper scraps, leftover shirts, clay, receipts, and tons of papers covered in doodles.

Paper Toy Factory

It was madness! Thanks to family and friends everything got done. Feels good having things prepared for the market and the apartment getting cleaned back up.

For the market, I wanted the booth to feel like a mini Sotare store. So there will be shelves with products displayed, nesting tables with paintings displayed on them, and a clean table set up. I really want people to come into the booth and feel like they’ve stepped inside a store.

We even did a test set up of the booth to make sure the tent worked, and to figure out how everything should be displayed- it looks awesome! I’m so stoked to be able to be a part of the market and get Sotare out to the world. There will even be some items for sale that aren’t available at the online store.

Paintings in Progress

I had more things I was hoping to finish and put in the booth, but being 10 foot by 10 foot doesn’t allot the space I needed for a three-foot tall Joey and a large Bouncer. I’ll finish them in the future and bring them to a show when I can.

I’m really excited to see how people react to seeing everything in person. I’ll be sure to post pictures and a write-up early next week!

Toy Shot

If you’re in Silver Springs tomorrow, come down to Fenton Street and say hello!

Leaping forward,