Akumu “Death to Life” Edition

He’s back…

Akumu Death to Life Cropped

Akumu, our lovable, cute, yet dark and creepy monster is now available in a new Death to Life colorway.

Akumu Death to Life 2

Akumu is a small, smiling, lovable looking monster. But don’t be fooled by his outward appearance. When angered, Akumu will attack in the most surprising of ways.

Akumu Death to Life 3

This resin figure is hand cast, hand painted, and hand finished.  This plastic figure is approximately 2.5 inches tall and 2 inches wide.


DEATH [to] LIFE centers around our journey of spiritual and personal awakening.  We were all created for something great, for a purpose, for a specific reason.  Too often we get sidetracked, depressed, overwhelmed, busy, or lost.  We put our heads into our phones, stare at our own reflections, and cut off our peripheral vision.


We must look up and look outside of ourselves if we want to become truly alive and awake.  It’s time to come to LIFE!

Check out the short film we made for the Death to Life project here:

Leaping Forward,

Adrian Black

Artist // Designer // Owner