You were created with a voice to be heard.  Your life was created to make noise…

Sotare Amped 2

Not a noise that brings attention to yourself…

But to make a noise that brings attention to something greater. A noise that echoes across eternity.


Too often our silence and inaction endorses the status quo. We see a world crumbling and in need of reform. But we stay quiet… Out of fear, out of laziness, out of self-doubt.

Sotare Amped Adrian 3b

It’s time to stand up for what we believe in. It’s time to fight for the truth and let our voices be heard.  You were created to amplify something bigger than yourself.  Don’t stand silently by as the world spirals into chaos.


Amped is is hand-screened in Maryland on a 100% cotton, ring-spun, American Apparel tee.  Each shirt is finished with a blue Sotare hem tag.

Sotare Amped 1

It’s time to GET LOUD.

Leaping forward,

Adrian Black

Artist // Designer // Owner