Dead Republic Snapbacks

Welcome to the Sotare Republic… home to a small but growing group of individuals…

DR San Francisco

Individuals with purpose… dreamers with their eyes fixed on the unseen horizon…

Visioneers who invent the future…

These are more than a stylish snapbacks… they are a symbol to the world that you are AWAKE and ALIVE.

DR San Diego Hat 1

The San Diego is a jet-black snapback with a crisp white and dark black “Sotare Republic” patch.  This is the hat you want to wear to the skatepark, the local metal show, or when it’s time to jam in the garage.

DR San Francisco 2

The San Francisco is a heather grey snapback that comes finished with a grey, hand screened “Sotare Republic” patch.  This is the hat you wear when it’s time to go shoot some hoops, tag a building, and hit up the town with the homies.

Dead Republic Lifestyle Shot

Are you going to be a part of the Dead Republic?  Wake up and LIVE.
DR San Diego Hat Front croppped

Leaping Forward,

Adrian Black

Artist // Designer // Owner