Bouncer Edition One

Meet Bouncer, an imaginary kangaroo.

Join Bouncer on his many adventures with his best friend Joey. Travel with them to a land of monsters, bright colors, and dazzling patterns. Use your boomerang to ward off enemy creatures!

Bouncer Front

I’m very proud to announce that Bouncer Edition One is the first toy released from Sotare. This release is limited to five toys. If you collect toys, you will definitely want to add Bouncer to that collection!

Bouncer Side

This fun little guy is great to have around your desk or dresser, warding off monsters and other beasts.

Each collectable toy is handmade and a labor of love. Every toy comes with a boomerang and a special certificate. Bouncer even comes in his own collectable box.

Bouncer Box

There will be more fun collectable pieces of art like this being released throughout the year.

Leaping forward,

Adrian Black