July 2015 Release


We all have it. We all need it.


Sotare was inspired by the things I love, which like many people was spending time playing Super Mario Brothers and other classic Nintendo games, watching cartoons, and being captivated and fascinated by the art of it all.


The “Poken-at-chu” poster combines those influences in a bright, dazzling poster that goes off with a sonic boom.


For the first time, the mask comes off.   We can peek behind the costume and see Joey enjoying his day. A mix of digital, hand drawn, and painted elements comes together in this fresh 11 X 17 poster print titled “Balloon Boy“.  This poster is based on a mixed media spray art piece that I created of the same title.


Each of these posters are printed on 11×17 paper and are ready to be framed and hung on your wall.


You can never have enough art to display in your room or home.

Leaping forward,

Adrian Black