Summer Shred and New Shirts- June 2015 Release

Strength. Courage. Endurance. Sotare.

Sotare Shield Red Floor Small 2

Last month we released “Coat of Arms”.

Sotare Shield Detail 2

This shirt features a large Sotare crest and an array of hidden kangaroos and secret messages.

Sotare Shield Detail 1

For June, we release “Coat of Arms” in a sapphire blue.

Sotare Coat of Arms Blue

What better way to get prepared for the patriotic summer holidays than by repping some red, white, and blue Sotare? Get yours at over at the store!

Summer Shred 4

This summer we are running a Summer Shred contest on our Instagram.  It’s simple.  Just take a picture or video of yourself skateboarding.  Post it to Instagram using the hashtag #mysummershred.  We will be randomly picking winners throughout the summer.  This contest will be going until August 31st.  So get out there and shred for some threads!

Summer Shred 5

Also, just wanted to mention that at the end of May, I was able to be a part of the Trove Gallery in Hagerstown, MD. During the Western Maryland Bluesfest, the Trove Gallery was open, offering works from a wide variety of artists, including myself. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and special thanks to those of you who threw down hard earned cash to rep the Sotare brand!

More exciting things to come this summer including more Instagram contests, sponsorships, new clothes, new toys, and new market dates.

Leaping forward,

Adrian Black