November Release and Free Shirts

Greetings friends!

This month I am excited to release another shirt and give you some free threads!  For November we are going BROWN!


First off, there’s a new colorway for our Coat of Arms shirt.


“Strength.  Courage.  Endurance.  Sotare.”  This is our Coat of Arms.  A mix of kangaroos, Greek, and great design.

Coat of Arms features a large Sotare crest and an array of hidden kangaroos and secret messages.  Grab your chocolate shirt over at the store.


Want a free shirt?

From now until November 31st you can get a free chocolate Sotare shirt with each purchase off our webstore- while supplies last.  Shirts designs will be random… you will be surprised!


No coupon code necessary!

We still have more artwork coming from our Death to Life series.  Stay tuned for some framed art, a button pack, and more.

Leaping forward,

Adrian Black

Artist // Owner // Designer