Are you not great?

Patterned after our creator, pieced together by the maker himself. Largely universal, yet individually unique. A common thread creates dazzling patterns, hemmed and fashioned to create individual pieces of art. Your life is art.

Patterns Model Cropped

You drip, literally ooze with creativity and power. Your ideas will run and spread. Like a liquid that has no boundaries. Your future is not on the horizon, it is here now.

You stand out from the crowd, because there is no one quite like you. No one has your courage. No one has your creativity. No one has your strength and power. No one has been patterned quite like you.

There are things in this world that only you can do. Things you were created to do.

You will change the world.

Patterns Shirt Final

Patterns” is the second release in the rebirth of Sotare. Four classic fabric patterns are re-imagined and fashioned together to create the Leaping Kangaroo logo.

The pink, green, yellow, and white design is screen printed on a teal, soft, sweatshop free, American Apparel ring spun cotton tee. The shirt is adorned with a pink hem-tag, emblazoned with the Sotare logo.

Hem Tag Quick

“Patterns” is currently on sale exclusively at

Leaping forward,