Welcome to 2015

January already?

Last fall just seemed to fly by! Heck, the whole year went fast. 2014 was a great year for Sotare. We launched in December of 2013 and in 2014 headed out to vendor markets, created some new shirts, and broke out into different forms of art. By the end of the year the vision for the Sotare brand was really starting to come to fruition.


One of the highlights last year was participating in Hagerstown’s Downtown Movement in November. During this event, lots of businesses open up temporary pop-up shops in the downtown. For two weekends in a row I was able to join the Gifted Market, a place for artists and business consultants to have booths and mini-stores. I transformed my space to include lots of paintings, shirts, toys, and posters. It was awesome to see what everyone liked about the brand. The spray art was really popular, so I may even add some to the online shop in the future.

To launch into this year a new shirt, “Chaos”, has been added to the shop.


Chaos in available in black and is screen printed on a Gildan tee. Grab yours over at the shop for $14.99.

This year I’m hoping to release some new posters, new shirts, new toys, and some more exciting things. And we will of course have special bundles released throughout the year. I really want to stay committed to bringing you good deals on art and clothes, and it’s been a lot of fun putting the bundles together. I still have some blogs waiting to be posted, and they’ll be here before long. It’s been a cold winter here in Maryland, so while I stay cooped up indoors I’ll be working on this year’s releases. Stay warm!

Leaping forward,