White Out Bundle 2015

This February I’m proud to announce a new version of the Chaos shirt, now available in white.

Sotare Matt Chaos Close Up v2

This shirt is bold yet simple. A solid blue design stands out on the crisp white shirt. Wear yours to stay a head above the rest when it comes to style and design.

Sotare Chaos Close Up

The name “Chaos” refers to the state of the world in ancient times, as mankind regressed and degraded itself to the point of needing to start over. This shirt is a reminder of the progress we have made and how far we have come as a species.

Sotare Matt Whiteout Promo

In honor of winter and snow we are introducing the White Out Bundle.

Sotare Adrian Smile Cropped V2

This bundle includes three shirts: A New Beginning Shirt, Promise, and Chaos. It also includes the Organized Chaos Belt, a Classic button pack, and some surprises.

Sotare Whiteout Bundle 2

All these great items for a ridiculously low price of $50 plus shipping.

Sotare Adrian WO Side 2

Grab your White Out Bundle today.

Sotare Whiteout 15 Two Shirts A

Stay warm.  Stay safe.

Leaping forward,